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Would you buy a car without test driving it first? Well, guess what, that is how your local gun dealer often works. It is rare to find a dealer who will give you the opportunity to try before you buy. Why? Because it costs money. They must have the product in stock, they must pay for the demo guns and most importantly, they must have a place where they can bring you to shoot. This is why we created DARK OPS ARSENAL!

One day we were shooting at the range, South Carolina Official Training Grounds (SCOTG), we were both interested in forming an FFL. We all know how that works, have a garage, have an FFL. But not us! We wanted to create something different that would avoid the current issues with gun sales. And thus, DARK OPS ARSENAL (DOA) was born.

We decided that we would create an FFL founded on the following principles:
  • Best in class firearms and accessories
  • The rifle must sell itself, when you try it, you will want to own it
  • Transparency and honesty are guiding principles
  • Try it before you buy it
  • Best in industry availability

To make this model work, we have located DOA on the grounds of SCOTG. The core of SCOTG is a 1500 yard range which provides the opportunity for you to test the firearm before you buy it. We have done extensive research using our combined knowledge about guns and the industry as well consulting with many of our contacts who have special expertise in firearms. We have consulted with current and former members of our military (SEALS, Special Forces) that have the greatest experience in shooting at long distances. Like anything, not all opinions about these issues are the same. But at the end of the day, our model allows you to come, try and decide for yourself. We well know that one persons perfect setup, may not fit another.

We initially concluded that we would carry two non-overlapping brands, Falkor Defense and Desert Tech. We are currently looking at other candidates to be added to our menu, but will be relatively slow in adding other brands as they must meet our stringent requirements as listed above. Both of these brands have enough confidence that they are willing to provide demonstrator rifles for people to try before they buy. That is a tremendous commitment and reflects the confidence that both manufacturers have in what they produce.

Our decision regarding optics was not an easy one. Our view is that the industry has been and currently remains in a state of flux. After extensive research, testing and consultation, we have settled on Nightforce as our core optic. We believe that NF has been very sensitive to the needs of the long range shooter combining superb glass, with both first and second focal plane scopes that in addition to more traditional reticles also have the Horus H59 and Tremor 3 reticles available.

We hope that you will be interested in what we have to offer and look forward to seeing you on the range.