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Guns and Gear’s does custom laser engraving on most firearms and metallic surfaces.

Our DPSS laser can burn both vector and raster graphics, and can surface mark or etch into the material.

This is perfect for putting images on a special gift, or for marking to meet ATF requirements for Form 1 NFA firearms.

To have a Form 1 marking done, we just need to know the EXACT name of the maker (individual, trust name, LLC, etc.). We also need to know where you want to mark. It has to be visible without removing parts to meet ATF regulations.

For images, we just need a monochromatic image. If you don't have a monochromatic image (true black and white), we can convert images. There will be additional fees for converting images. We also have a lot of stock images already on hand. We specialize in military custom work for friends or family if you want to do something really special for someone who served. From simple (like to SIG below) to decked out with art (like the USMC special edition below), we have you covered.

To keep up with our current work, you can see our album on Facebook.

Engraving Fees

Non-Member Rates


First Image or marking


Each additional stock image


Image conversion per hour


Color fill for vector images (red, white, black standard, others on request)

Bulk Work

Bulk pricing is done on request. If you have several identical items and want the same image on each, there is less setup and the charges can be negotiated with significant discounts.